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Solar Glass


Imagine – generating solar energy through the windows or glass features of a building! Solar Glass Windows are ideal for any residential or commercial project - and can be used in place of regular glazed windows, including sky lights, and also curtain walling for building facades.

Solar glass windows are double glazed, high strength, durable and transparent. They are available in a no. of colours and styles and have the same properties as traditional double glazed windows. Our solar glass comes in many levels of transparencies from 5% (more commonly used in curtain walls) right through to 30% transparent (used in regular window applications, skylights etc). The wiring runs inside the hollow portion of the frame, keeping it out of sight. The framing solutions used are supplied and installed by local providers - which comply with all relevant Australian building, glazing and electrical standards.


Overall, the installation process for solar glass windows is similar to traditional glazing methods with a few small adjustments.

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Coloured Cells


High efficiency Coloured Solar Cells are now an option and can be a great alternative when using solar panels on projects including :

  • Public Art
  • Public BBQ Area
  • Parklands
  • Landscaping
  • Red Roof

If you are wishing for your solar panels to integrate with your design then this could be an option for you. Solar panels on a Red Roof can sometimes ruin the aesthetics of a home. We now have available polychristaline terracotta red solar panels exclusive to Sol Sustainable Designs.

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Solar Ceramic


Ceramic solar panels make for a very elegant and sharp looking solar panel. They can be installed as the roof or verticle for cladding or façade options. At only 8mm thick – these stunning solar tiles are highly efficient, streamlined in appearance and are designed and made in Italy. They work well for harmonising with the architecture of a building and come in a variety of sizes. The ceramic backsheet is also available in a range of different colours also.

Please view the brochure for more details or call 07 3269 5371 if you would like to know more about this.