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About Us

Sol Sustainable Designs began in 2010 through a venture to understand and discover what options were available for renewable energy to the architectural and design industry.

This began with solar - and sourcing the latest in Italian design and manufacturing of unique 8mm solar tiles made from a ceramic surface. This unique innovative product included the option of cladding the vertical surface of a building using ceramic solar tiles; the concept that a solar tile could be the roof – rather than sit on top of a roof; and that solar tiles could completely harmonise with a buildings aesthetic; not only be a practical solution for renewable energy and reducing a buildings carbon footprint.

This concept is what began Sol Sustainable Designs, formed by Luciano Bianconi & Jade Budsworth, and further developed to sourcing Building Intergrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) that could be introduced to the Australasion market. Sol Sustainable Designs has researched and sourced products from around the world and now has available a variety of BIPV products including:

  • Coloured Solar Cells
  • Solar Glass
  • Solar Cladding
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